Friday, 10 August 2012

PHOTOS: Goldie Tweets New Pictures of her on Twitter

Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey popularly known as Goldie, has found her way back as a celebrity, after shocking disappointment from her eviction in the Big brother star game show.

She tweets random pictures of her spending quality time in the babe don lost weight o, kia see want Big Brother Africa did to our Golden Goldie.

I hope with this new pictures of her, she might be able to regain her lost fans and the people's confidence she once had, before the whole Big Brother incident thing.

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  1. Dis doesn't stop me 4rm feeling da way I feel about her: she is fucked nd ugly. Bathroom make-up aint going 2 change dat

  2. Some bleachin tinz

  3. she looks like a tranny!!!.....i am not hating!!

  4. Even with all her make up...and we've seen her pic without make up was an eye sore! Lol


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