Thursday, 2 August 2012

Nigeria Men's Basketball Team Will Need More Than luck To Beat American's Best

The battle line has been drawn today as Nigeria men's basketball team face old folks in U.S. Olympic squad.
Although  the swagger margin between American men's basketball team and that of counterpart Nigeria is on the high side but that reason is not enough to be afraid of them

Ike Diogu, a former top-10 NBA draft pick who has played 225 NBA games, spoke after Nigeria's 72-53 loss to Lithuania .
"A lot of us went to school in the U.S. and have played against those guys. We have no reason to feel overwhelmed''

 Another Nigerian Team-mate Guard Tony Skinn said
"I mean, listen, man, I've been playing ball for a long time," said Skinn, who was part of George Mason's improbable Final Four run in 2006. "At some point in time, I played against those guys or seen those guys play. A lot of us, obviously we're Nigerians, but we play in the States and I don't think we have that mentality to just come in the game and just, you know, get our (butts) whooped."
Meanwhile they will face a rested U.S. team, which did not practice on Wednesday, and they will need more than luck, perhaps a one magical touch or a special player to do the trick against the Americans who are big and bad as advertised, winning their first two games at the London Olympics by an average of 37 points, even without playing at their very best

Perhaps Messi of Barcelona or C. Ronaldo of Real Madrid could do the

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  1. Hmmmm *SMH*they really need more of luck bec those guyz ar the DREAM team u nooo bt not withstanding the both will play very welll *morale high morale high morale high woooooooh dis is 4 my *NAIJA BOYZZ*lets goooo dere

  2. I wish them well


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