Monday, 6 August 2012

Africa's Wealthiest Man, To Recruit 2000 Graduate as Truck Drivers for his company

Dangote Academy is a centre of excellence for talent development in Dangote Group. It seeks to provide the talent pipeline for the Group while filling the industrial skill-gap in Nigeria. The Academy has just initiated a project called, "The Drivers Academy" which aims at recruiting and training 2,000 Nigerian graduates to become professional heavy vehicle drivers for the newly established Super Fleet of the Group. This initiative will assist to uplift the operating standards in road transport industry, promote entrepreneurship and open up career opportunities.

Dangote Transport operates an exclusive haulage business to meet the transportation requirement of the group with a fleet of over 5,000 trucks. Its activities include facilitating transportation of raw materials from the ports to the factories and the distribution of finished goods to warehouse, depots and customers across the country.

Its ok, creating job opportunities for people, but making a graduate a tanker driver is absurd to me.. well if you are interested, you can send your cv to  To me e no make sense although life is hard but they can still do better.

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  1. The truth is there is nothing bad in making a graduate a tanker a country where less job opportunity is the order of d day, creating this platform that would offer 2000 nigerian graduate opportunity to put food on there table and aquiring a good driving skill is an added advantage to d society at so doing wld reduce d risk of having a larger number of unemployed graduate roaming d streets ,increase a large sum of skilled and Learned drivers,reduce a higher risk of highway accidents and also creating rooms for other sort of entrepreneurs.

  2. After havin been mentally equiped to do greater things for this country... Tanker drivers!!!!! That's what an American calls BULLSHIT!!
    If he's employin and training hoodlums, thugs, dropouts etc. for this purpose to keep them off our streets, it would have been better appreciated.. Abegii do beta tinz 4 we graduate joor!

  3. Okay oooo 9ja lawa wetin man no go ce self.God dey


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