Monday, 20 August 2012

9ice rebrands his name

Guess who recently changed his name? 

Changing names has become a common issue when it comes to our celebrities. 9ice formally known as Agbolore Adebola Akande(a.k.a Alapomeji) has changed his name to Alexander, Abolore, Adegbola, Alapomeji Ajifolajifaola.

His fans who have taken a liking to the name Alapomeji, was one of his reasons for changing his name, by adding Alapomeji in order to please them. He told Showtime
"When i set up Alopomeji Records, i didn't reckon on my fanstaking to the name. Now that they seem to love the name, i have decided to add it to my original names"
When he was asked of his father's reaction to the new name, the Gongo Aso crooner said
"It's my decision to adopt a new name and not my father's.I am sure he would have nothing against my wish, knowing this is ShowBiz"
What do you think of this recent change in his name? Please share your thoughts with me.
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