Monday, 30 July 2012

BBA Winner, Uti tells you how to handle women

The 2010 Big Brother Africa winner UtiNwachukwu has been a busy man since he won the reality show 2years ago. No doubt he will constantly win the hearts of all the pretty girls around town. But how does a young, handsome, famous and wealthy young man handle so many advances from the womenfolk? Well, in a recent interview, Uti shared his secret, he said 

''Since my secondary school days, right from when i was 15, i have had women approach me. At first i got carried away jumping from one to the another because i was very young, for me the i am an extremist so i overdid it a little bit..But spiritually it was God that helped me, i was stagnant for a very long time. i had this disappointment that kept trailing me, when something good is about to happen to me, something goes wrong and it doesn't materialise again. 

A lot of things were happening at that period that made me have a rethink, so at a point i decided to try and hold myself and see what happens. I have respect for women a lot but you have to be wise because you don't want to make enemies, it's something you manage very carefully so that in as much as you aren't making enemies, you don't also have to distribute yourself everywhere because it's these same girls that will say, 'that one, i have had a piece of him.” 

I guess this is food for thought for you young men.

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