Tuesday, 31 July 2012

"I can act nude. I am available to act nude" says 25year old actress, Susan Ekwe.

As some of you already know, Susan Ekwe is the daughter of Nollywood actor, IgnisEkwe. The LASU graduate started acting in 2007/2008 and has gradually created a weird and daring image for herself. Last month she released semi-nude photos of herself which you can find HERE, and in a recent interview she made it clear that;
I am weird and very daring, so yes, I can act nude. I am available to act nude. If I can go topless, what will stop me from acting nude? There is no big deal there because I feel that it is all about being professional.
She also answered the question on the lips of many when asked how she affords anexpensive lifestyle
My politician boyfriend of course. I met him in Abuja and I don't want to talk about him please.
Susan Ekwe is the 25 year old daughter of veteran Nollywood actor Ignis Ekwe, she graduated from Lagos State University.

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  1. Whats the big deal? like she says its part of her job.Soon she will have a body double instead.
    Meanwhile i can understand the prudish attitude of some women(thats just to provoke)but eyin guys.Which one now?
    The split second she releases a nude scene you same men will be chasing your wives to go and sleep while you sit two inches from the screen tounges out,eyes bulged like una see mami water.


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