Thursday 3 November 2011

Ben Bruce Denies Rumours That He Was Disqualified By PDP. He's Still In The Race

Former Director-General of NTA/ CEO of Siverbird, Ben Murray-Bruce, on Tuesday denied reports that he had been disqualified from contesting (on November 19 under PDP, primaries for Bayelsa State governorship election) due to his dual citizenship following the provisions of Section 182 (1a). Speaking with Vanguard he said:
"To the best of my knowledge, nobody has been ousted from the race. If you are ousted from the race, they have to let you know you are ousted from the race. There is no communication to that effect. So everybody is speculating. The race is the only one in the country right now. It is exciting. Everybody is talking about it but nobody has been ousted from the race.”
On the issue of dual citizenship, he cited Section 28(1) of the Constitution of the constitution which reads:
“Subject to the other provisions of this section, a person shall forfeit forthwith his Nigerian citizenship if, not being a citizen of Nigeria by birth, he acquires or retains the citizenship or nationality of a country, other than Nigeria, of which he is not a citizen by birth.” he cited.
“That is why the Constitution protects me. So it is impossible to oust me from the race based on that. I cannot be ousted from the race based on that. I was born in Nigeria.” He added.

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