Thursday 3 November 2011

American Website, MediaTakeOut Diss Nigerian Singer for Stealing Nikki Minaj's Style

MediaTakeOut, the very controversial gossip site responsible for releasing nude pictures of Amber Rose, announcing Beyonce was wearing prosthetic baby bump amongst others, last week decided to take it out on 21years old Nigerian-born/New York-raised pop princess, Nnenna Yvonne.

The post titled 'LMAOOOOOO!! There Is A New AFRICAN Pop Sensation . . . Hmmm . . She KINDA Reminds Us Of SOMEBODY!!!' read;
"Check out the girl who is being pushed as the new Black Girl pop sensation . . . her name is Nnenna Yvonne and she's originally from Nigeria.Can't hate though . . . we bought us a bootleg GUCCI BAG from an African dude. They're good at making copies . .."

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  1. well, she DOES look ridiculous, in a nicki minaj way *shrug

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