Saturday 1 October 2011

VIDEO: The Mandelas Just Like The Kardashians Start Their Own Reality Show

Swati Dlamini, 32 (left) and Zaziwe Dlamini-Manaway, 34 (centre), the granddaughters of Winnie and Nelson Mandela, and Dorothy Adjoa Amuah, 27, (right) the granddaughter of Mr Mandela and his first wife Evelyn, are using this US-South African collaboration to showcase contemporary independent South Africa women, by giving viewers a glimpse into their daily lives, their tight-knit family life, their conflicts and personal aspirations, though the 93-year-old former South African president, will not be participating.

The programme which  is due to be screened next year has been criticised by many for fear that it may come across as tacky hence destroying the very respected MANDELA name. The girls claim nonetheless that t is an opportunity to show the world that they are ordinary people, but critics say its just a way for the girls to cash in from the MANDELA name.

Watch a short video of the girls HERE

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  1. how can you compare the kardarshians with these people? are the kardarshians the only people doing a reality show? mssheww


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