Saturday 15 October 2011

Olu Maintain Explains The Reason Behind His Brand New Look

Olu maintain, the 'yahooze' crooner is not only back with a brand new single but a brand new look. Is this a strategy to get more female attention to his recent work? I wonder. Well in a recent interview, he was asked  about this, and he said;
"Yeah! What inspired it is my boy, Bondo Crazy, we were in the states together, and he has an enviable body, and he challenged me ... So I took up the challenge and we enrolled in a gym, and one thing you can't take away from me is my determination towards anything, so my determination was that by December I want to step on stage and be able to rip off my clothes and people will judge who has more packs". (Laughs)
Well he just dropped a new single NAWTI (Natural African Woman Totally Inspiring) last month which has since been making waves, hopefully when the video is released, we ladies can happily be the judge of his new look.

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  1. he is looking great, handsome, romantic and lovely..........its ur time, keep it up........ kisses..........


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