Thursday 20 October 2011

Ghanaian Babes Go Seriously Crazy For Naija guys. Find Out Why

City People Magazine just did a write up about Ghanaian babes going seriously crazy over Naija guys, not just because of their cash but also their swag and confidence. Apparently a Ghanaian big babe attested to the fact that,
"Nigerians are very romantic and caring unlike the Ghana guys who don't see it as a necessity to spend and take care of a woman you can't believe in most cases we are the ones that take care of the relationship and not even the guys that's why you hardly see correct Ghana babes dating a Ghana guy. Also they are seen as not very hardworking people which results to their low income and of course you know what that means but for the Nigerians, oh my God they have got so much to offer and they are just so good in everything". 
I don't know if i agree with this lady, because I've never dated a Ghanaian neither do I live in Nigeria. So I'm calling on Ghanaians and Nigerians, do you agree??? If yes, why?

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  1. Lol! this is funny but seriously the truth, I've met two Ghanaian families here.
    The woman is the head and tail, she goes to school, runs a home salon to raise money and she also works. The day I met her husband damn, if I was in 9ja I'd think he was a housemaid or something. And this is for both families oh...I also know this undergrad Ghanaian dude, damn his first name should be lazy and his last name laziness "Lazy Laziness" and what I noticed is these kind only date their fellow Ghanaians...

  2. Thumbs up to our guys dey are worth loving


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