Saturday 1 October 2011

Don Jazzy Offering 10 Twitter Users Each Sarturday, An Opportunity To Hang With Him

N/B: Read the tweets from down to up
Don Jazzy tweeted the above yesterday, he calls it a 'Meet and Greet Day Out", this would involve picking 10 out of his 150,000 followers each Saturday (pending on his location), with a 50:50 ratio of male - female, to hang out with him in the studio, to the cinema, shopping e.t.c. Nonetheless he warns
"And pls wen we shop try not to have ojukokoro o. im not Adenuga o. manage wotever i can afford o. (And its not by force 2.) its if i want to"
As of very early this morning, he had picked seven of his followers for today's outing, with three more to go. The first three were picked after they answered a random question, while the other four were picked for being the first to get a celebrity to tweet at him requesting he puts them on the list. 

The competition for this week is still ongoing till he picks the last three.

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