Thursday 29 September 2011

The Twins, 'GHolden Girlz' React To Alleged Affair With Tuface Idibia

It was alleged that the one of the upcoming music duo/ one time actresses, GHolden Girlz is having an affair with the African queen crooner, TuFace Idibia. This allegation arose following a recent celebrity event where one of the twin was spotted getting a little too close with Tuface until his baby mama, Annie Macualay stepped in and quietly intercepted the 'situation'.

In a funny and interesting interview with High Society Magazine, the twins also known as Tracy and Treasure Daniels cleared the air
Read the excerpts when you continue....

There is a rumour that either Tracy or Treasure is dating Tuface Idibia, is this true?
Tracy: How I wish it was true. We admire him. He is a cute guys. He already has too many chocolomondos, if not, these Golden Girls would have gone for him.
Treasure: If the rumour that one of us is dating Tuface is true, then know that my sister and I will fight over a guy for the first time. He will be the first guy that both of us will ever like, and we will drag him. I wish it were true.
Who is closest to him?Tracy: I wish it was meTreasure: I wish I was the one closest to him. Tracy is saying the same thing, but we don't want to be baby mamas.Tracy: The guy is cool, talented and loaded. All his baby mamas are cute babes, if we date him, both of us will just join the clique now.
If you had an opportunity to have a baby for Tuface, would you?Tracy: I wish he was the one asking this question, then I would know what to do.Treasure: Tracy, I think that is even a wrong question. The question should be; if he asks you to be his African princess, will you? Not a baby mama, the answer is no!Tracy: OK, the answer is no. Because if you are his baby mama, the love will not be coming from his heart,  he will be there because of the baby.

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