Friday 9 September 2011

PICTURES: Drummer Girl Ara Spotted in her 5ft Long Braids On the Red Carpet

What do I say???? If you can afford it, then why not
But seriously, how does her poor hair handle this? And how many days does she have to sit for a hair do? Hmm, I even pity the drunk who on a night out, mistakes her hair for a cozy cushion lol... 

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Image Courtsey: SeriouslyDoughnuts


  1. Talk about unnecessary fashion, I cant even imagine the damages that will do to her hair.

  2. She's not new to this kind of braid. Its her style, she's been doing this for years. Known for 2 things; her long hair and drums

  3. All I can think of is how long it took to make this hair. Its nice tho I won't wear it.

  4. I think this looks stunning and the colour is off the hook (it's the same colour I was thinking of getting only recently). She may have only sat while getting the micros at the top of her head done and then commissioned the a micro braid weave to be added at the bottom. It's possible!


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