Sunday 11 September 2011

Chinua Achebe Has Just Won A Battle Against 50cent

Chinua Achebe has just won a battle against the producers of a biopic "Things Fall Apart" written and acted by American rapper, 50cent. When Chinua Achebe and his management first heard about this title which is the same as Dr Chinua's famous novel, "Things Fall Apart", they immediately contacted the movie producers who in return offered $1m to retain the name. The team wrote back:-
"The novel with the said title was first produced in 1958 (17 years before 50cent was born), listed as the most widely read book in modern African literature, and will not be sold for One Billion Dollars"
Following this, 50cent and his management have now changed the title from "Things Fall Apart" to "All things Fall Apart"

Check out the thriller of 50cent's biopic

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  1. Chinua Achebe must have made Tens of Millions dollars from that book. I'm sure 50 Knew how popular that book is before naming thier movie after it.


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