Tuesday 6 September 2011

Afrocandy says "I bared my whole boobs" in new projects, see interview and pictures

Judith Opara Mazagwu aka AfroCandy, the Nigerian USA based Ikebe Na Moni singer come Nollywood Actress is at it again, no doubt she loves being half dressed in front of the camera. The mother of two is said to have played major roles in two movies while she was in Nigeria promoting her controversial single which cursed a major uproar on the Internet and was described as a soft porn.

In a recent interview she said, 
‘I am just being real, I don’t wanna be fake like other people. If somebody got to do it, that somebody got to be me. You have to understand that, it is not that our people don’t like such things, they are just hypocrites and pretend a lot. Some of us would prefer doing it under the table and frown at it when they are outside and that is very, very bad . 
watch out, the “Voodoo/Juju Woman” is dropping this month while the movies follow up in a few months. But be warned, I bared my whole boobs in the movie “Destructive Instinct” and that has never been done in Nollywood. It would be better for you to see it yourselves than be told.’ 

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  1. Ok our people might be pretenders, but tacky is tacky no matter who you are! If you are going to do it, how about do it right, the amount of tacky and razzness that this woman has will tell you she is definitely not educated. This cheap antics does not look good and definitely not on a old ass woman that need to go get a life! Na by force to be a star again?


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