Wednesday 10 August 2011

Unbelievable cover for Terry G's "Terry G.zuz" album

Not only does Terry G refer to himself as Terry G.zuz, he also has this image on his album cover. It's such a coincidence that we were discussing a similar publicity stunt in yesterday's POST which concerned JayZ and Kanye's 'watch the throne' album cover. No doubt this kind of stunt would increase album sale for JayZ and Kanye, but for Terry G, I seriously worry that Africans won't be as tolerant and this stunt may in fact backfire ... Well time would tell.

Also, Danny Young claims Terry G stole his song and reproduced it, but Terry G is yet to speak on this matter, hence we can't say for certain if Danny Young's claim is true or false.

Well, it seems Danny Young can now be added to Terry G's 'feud book' which already has the likes of Mallam Spicy, AY.Com, Side One and Kelly Hansome

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  1. This stunt looks like it's sure going to backfire.Nigerians are very religious and this will be likened to blasphemy.Goodluck to him though!

  2. Seriosly?!
    As though the nick "G.zuz" was not enough! PHEW!


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