Saturday 20 August 2011

5,000 Women To Protest If Mercy Johnson Proceeds With Wedding

A Nigerian women's group, Society for Nigerian Women headed by Mrs. Chinyere Okonkwo recently wrote to Christ Embassy that, should the Church go on with Mercy Johnson's wedding despite all the evidences put forward by Lovely Okojie (the mother of her fiancee's children), they would mobilize Nigerian women to demonstrate and disrupt the wedding.

This letter dated August 15th was sent directly to Pastor Chris Oyakilome , the letter made it clear that it was wicked and highly immoral that a man will leave his legally married wife to marry another woman, and a respectable church shouldn't join them together. The letter requested Pastor Chris to rescind the decisions in the interest of the innocent children that Prince Odianose Okogie (Mercy's fiancée) had abandoned or risk 5,000 women demonstrating in front of the Church on the wedding day.

I'm not sure if this society's actions are well thought through, considering the evidence they speak of came through the media and also are one sided, hence they can't be entirely certain of the marital status of Lovely and the Prince OdianoseI would have thought that considering Christ Embassy has agreed to go on with the ceremony nonetheless, they must have already considered the necessary factors. Well we are just a week away from the D-day, let's see what happens.

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