Sunday 14 August 2011

NBC bans 2Shortz song 'Superman Dead' because he mentions 'Alomo'

This calls for a huge L.O.L considering it is okay to sing about Hennesay, Champagne, Moet etc but when you mention a NIgerian drink 'Alomo' your song gets banned.

According to the BBM broadcast
NBC is seriously showing Nigerians how lame they are. We are no longer allowed to play Superman Dead by 2Shortz. So it is OK to advertise products from other parts of the world but a Nigerian brand like Alomo is band Smh these NBC people must be from the 1200BC times omg this is straight wack for real. They are only doing this because in NIgeria, Nigerians won't protest or fight for their rights, one reason why there is no 24hours electricity today WTF. This is so childish to the point that we're banned from playing broken bottles sound effect to motorcycle sound effects and more. GOD pls remove the old heads fucking Nigeria up and move the younger generation to power so Nigerians can take over. Someone say AMEN"
The second broadcast read:
"At this point NAIJA artists MUST come togeda and approach NBC and stop all dis rubbish on our creativity ... we go thru enof to make music that has saved the face of our country ... we don't need old ignorant people dictating what we sing ... SIPERMAN 2 ... T.U.G feat NAIJA ARTISTE Allstars"


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