Thursday 25 August 2011

INTERVIEW: Wizkid denies baby rumour by saying "I’m not thinking about that right now"

In an interview with theNetng, Wizkid denied the baby rumour which has been spreading all week. I don't know why I find it had to believe him, considering talks that his parents insist the alleged baby mama takes a pregnancy test before the child is accepted.
Anyway read excerpts from the interview below and form your own opinion

You’re not thinking of marriage? You wouldn’t  like to start a family early?No, no, I’m not thinking about that right. All I think about is music right now man. Trust me, I’m not even thinking, you know it’s too complicated to even think about it. Right now I’m just focused on me making my music and me being a better person, and a better man. You know I’m still growing. I’ve been forced to grow faster than my age. I tend to learn fast, because most of the people around me are older. Like most of the people that do what I do are very old in the industry and more experienced. So I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not thinking of that right now, but if it comes like in the next 10 years or something (Laughs). If I want to settle down, I’ll holla at my… (Laughs) But I’m not thinking of it right now, I’m not going to lie to you.
 There are a lot of people around you right now, so you can’t beat it, okay? But if a girl comes to you and say ‘Wizzy I think I’ve got your baby’?(Laughs) I’ll first lose my mind. I don’t know. I don’t want to think about. That is not what I have planned for myself. I don’t have plans of being in that kind of situation.
There’s talk going on right now. That WizKid has a kid.(Laughs) It sounds funny. Look at it ‘Wizkid has a kid’. Doesn’t that sound funny itself? 
You’re saying it Isn’t true? That it’s just a rumour?Yeah, na real rumour. In fact that’s the rumour! (Laughs). But I’m not thinking about that right now. I’m looking out for myself in that kind of situation. I’m looking out for myself

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  1. Am I meanie for this? But I seriosly can't take this seriously..WizKid? A father-to-be? the guy dosent even have facial hair himself. KAI!
    *shakes head*


  2. You all should leave my sweat heard alone.


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