Saturday 9 July 2011

Shan George's letter to Linda Ikeji adressing her romance tale

Goodmorning Stella, How are you? Please i need a favour from you. Please i need you to help me print this since you have a lot of readers, as i will like to set the record straight on this matter. Linda Ikeji printed a false story about me few days ago and i left her a comment to correct the insinuations, but she has refused to publish my comment. Below is the link to the misleading article she posted and my comment that she did not print. Please help me print it. Thanks in advance and God bless you. 

Hello everyone, i just want to correct an impression, i got married at a tender age and hv 2 kids, ten yrs after my first divorce, i decided to try again but my second marriage unfortunately packed up after 5yrs (2005) since then i've been working hard to move on wit my life, i'm not perfect (who is?) It leaves me wondering why an artist of my age and calibre cannot interact wit any man (young or old) without d media attaching romance to it. D young man here, presley is a family friend who is like a brother to me, nothing more. Wit all due respect Linda ikeji, this is my number 08023*******, next time u hear any rumours about me, feel free to call and confirm b4 publishing, that way ur readers wuld be sure that whatever info they read on ur blog is autentic. For those saying i cant sing, well, i wont stop singing. Lol, but i promise to work hard at improving my singing skills. Love u all. God bless. Shan George.

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  1. Abeg Linda is a desperado jor, how can she write such a thing without evidence. Not fair


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