Friday 1 July 2011

Pictures: Naija Celebs are Planking

Dr Sid, Planking
Guess you all know what planking means, according to BBC UK is "lying juxtaposed in an unexpected place", and it originated from Australia. Some say it's  a way of worshipping the devil, some relate it to the slavery days, others like me describe it a risky game considering a few reported deaths, nonetheless, the majority call it fun. See pictures of more celebrities planking below by clicking READ MORE

Deejay Neptune
Ikechukwu Killz
Naija DJ, planking on the beat
Even dogs plank
Chris Brown
Lil Wayne
Russell Simmons aka Uncle Rush re-invents planking 

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  1. These people planking should be careful o
    A dog planking lol-wonders shall never cease

  2. JB you read my so craze dey start! MI talk am.


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