Thursday 16 June 2011

Empress Njamah's bad hair day

Empress Njamah??? I gasp for breath
No doubt some of those in the lime light need advice on looks and appearance. Shortly, I'll be doing a post on 'Celebrity look' where we pick a few celebrities and discuss their different looks, i can't wait for it.


  1. lmao.. she wants to show us that she can afford 32inch brazilian hair lmao..
    she looks like a female version of samson

  2. wow!!! dz is crawzy and uncalled for jawe...can't wait for d series jawe!

  3. Is this hair or BUSH?

    Looks like bush to me sha!

  4. @ "female version of Samson"

  5. which way is to the bathroom please, I need to puke!


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