Thursday 14 April 2011

Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, what we LOVE and HATE about each other???

I stumbled on this video earlier this week, and despite the very realistic opinion of the speakers, i couldn't help but pay attention to the fact that the person representing 'igbos' had to be a lady. Gosh, it's obvious that we ladies can be so harsh with criticism, and she was no exception, even those cheeky smile of hers made me feel so arghhhhh!!!!! By the way, did any one notice the yoruba man's facial expression from 9:25? You can tell for certain that he's had a lot of past dealings with  desperate Alaba boys lol.....

But being serious, the speakers honestly captured most of my thoughts in this video. Anyway watch the video n share your own thoughts, do you agree with the speakers???
Truth is despite our differences we're still one nation, below are my favorite Hausa, Igbo n Yoruba tracks.



  1. i like that it was both love and hate but egbon yoruba seemed to be struggling with the language small

  2. The speakers I must say capture the views of each tribes about the other tribes. At least I can vouch for the yoruba man...

  3. The video is taking forever to load!!!! I'll try again. But i suppose i've already heard these differences. So many people are always quick to point them out


  4. i saw this on facebook couple of days ago. Honestly, speaking i just recently learned about other tribes when I was about 17, and I lived in Nigeria before that too. I thought alll Nigerians were just igbos. I thank god for this ignorance, because i would hate to think this way. HOWEVER! Once i saw the light and intermingled with other tribes, i come to find that most of the stuff said in that video is shared by many people. I have heard yoruba's are dirty, however never been in yoruba's house. Igbo men are greedy and will kill there brothers for money, I HEAR THIS ALL GAWD DAMN TIME, but not in my household. Hausa's haven't met one besides my Aunt's tailor and i probably shared about 12 minutes of my life with. THEREEORE ... until i experience this all of those comments are null in void and i pray they stay that way.

  5. smh for some reason the video really made me sad. Its like can we forget bout these stereotypes for one second and realize we are a nation. This tribalism ish is too much jor, and its the fault of the older generation. I cant wait for them to leave so Nigeria wont be so tribalised.

  6. To every tribe,there are the good ones and the bad ones.There are people who would not say bad things about other tribes coz they have been treated nicely...Tribalism is a major issue here in Africa,Its even worse in KENYA..coz survey showed that some Kenyans in United states who are not from Obama`s tribe did not vote for him..guess there should be more inter-ethnic marriages.Guess our generation would do things differently.

  7. I've actually had the privilege to know all these tribes and more...Urhobo,Isoko,Calaba,Akwa Ibom,Igala etc etc.Really,sometimes they have similar characteristics,but there are also very cool people amongst every tribe.Prejudice is an issue we need to fight against,really.

  8. KitKat, God bless you richly and abundantly for that comment. You are right on the money.

  9. I think we are all different but we still share the same Nigerian spirit. most of the things said there are true. yes, they are stereotypes but i don't think steroetyes are all that evil. Unless it stops you from getting to know people at all before judging. I know that ibo people like money but if I meet an ibo guy today, i would not automatically assume he's a desperate money hungry guy.

    We all have good and bad

  10. Blessings.....

    All too often wwe are too focused on the things that makes us different rather than the things that make us the same. At the end of the day we all want the same things. To be happy, loved, and be able to provide for our family and not have to worry about where our next meal is coming from or how you go pay your hospital bill. Separatnest thinking is what keeps us divided, it keeps us from seeing each others humanity. Whether Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba they are all Africans, one people, one root.

    Have a blessed weekend.


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