Friday 29 April 2011

Blog: My favorite royal twitts n FB status

Kanye West ... "Prince William, i'm happy 4 u ... amma let u finish ... but bin zayed-crown prince of Abu Dhabi had one of the best royal weddings of all timesss"

If Prince William was black she'll be "Princess of Peckham"

I'm sure primark's 'Kate Middleton' wedding dress would be in store soon

You may not get married to a prince but you can pray for a man that will treat you like his queen

Next thing now the latest 9ja movie go be "Royal Wedding Babes" ... part i & ii

She had a William poster in her room when she was young. go and buy a Harry poster now and speak into your future.

Get this: this isn't a hollywood wedding, shz not Beyonce or KimK to have everywhere exposed! Dat dress is royalty! It totally defines her


  1. chizy!!!! one word you are hilarious!!! but i agree with you though, every woman deserves a man that will treat her like a queen

  2. lol. i knew it was trouble watching that wedding. i might just get that harry poster. afterall he looks like the royal who'll get away with bringing in a black princess:)

  3. LMAO!! u re so right about the dress...nothing exposed

  4. Haha! That's funny! The wedding was fun though, decided to join the crowds and get a glimpse of the royal couple. Amazing moment! :-)

  5. Lol @ royal wedding movie and speaking into your future....

    The dress was beautiful...


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