Monday 25 April 2011

BLOG - Check out this dance i'm struggling with: Dougie dance

Check out this dance i'm struggling with 'Dougie dance', apparently the dance originates from Carlton of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, i don't know how true that is Anyway check it out

Check out Chris Brown's version
Now you see i have a lot learn, if i ever become good at it i MAY put up a video for you guys, by the way learning the skanky leg dance was never a success i must warn you. Anyway, i think i can do way better than these TV hosts.
ok my sister insists i make it cleaar that she's my dance tutor arghhhh


  1. I like the way CB did the dance.

    As for Justin Bieber's students....hmmn, I reserve my comment.

    Chizy, You better be a good a student and don't let the efforts of your sister come to naught. But I think the dance can be learnt faster on a wheel chair. After I see your own dance video, I will come to you "To Teach Me How To Do It". Lol

  2. lol... i warn u @Surprise i'm really horrible but lets c how it goes

  3. oya now!!!!!! ive been practicing this dance sine and.....i still cant do nada!

  4. Haha!! Justin Bieber is a good teacher oh. He can actually dance too.

    You know, my 11 year old sister came to me one day and said i should check youtube for how to dougie that it was her homework. Stupid me (i hadn't heard the song yet) i fell for it. Hahaha!!!


  5. Blessings ...
    As far as dances go, it ain't much to look at really.... seen better but i guess this is where its at now.

    have a great week


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