Friday 29 April 2011

Big Brother Amplified house mates revealed

So who's representing us???
Vina: Vina is a 26years old radio presenter from Lagos (Full biography of the contestant are yet to be published)

Image Source: big brother website


  1. i'm so xcited! really cnt wait!..always been addicted to the show. Hope our rep brings her A game with her.

  2. At last, people will rest with this. Is it only radio personalities that enter this contest from Nigeria? Lol! I know Mavina, she's pretty cool and i wish her luck


  3. yes!!!! cant wait for all the drama.vina, an old radio presenter??? chizy, what radio station did she work with i would like to do a little snooping, see what i can dig up on her just in case she wins i can blackmail her into giving me part of the money lol

  4. For this vina girl to say that she can't speak pidgin english because she doesn't hang out with people that speak pidgin english is really sad. You r 26 years , grew up in 9ja, and claim you are a radio presenter in lagos. Vina you r lying!! 100% fake.


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