Friday 29 April 2011

Big brother Amplified house mate: Owner of Aphrodisiac Night Club

Ghanians aren't the most excited about their representative for this years Big Brother Amplified. Confidence Haugen is best known as owner of Aphrodisiac Niteclub, CEO of a Multimedia Company and Hip Life Artist, Ayigbe Edem's ex-lover. 
She makes a statement with her dress sense which has been criticised by the many, nonetheless, some say 'never judge a book by its cover'. Guess we'll find out in time as the show starts this Sunday.

Image Source: ghananation


  1. really indecent and its not nice.

  2. WAO....there is a thin line between sexy and tacky... what am I even saying, there is a wide line between sexy and tacky, people still manage to cross to the other side.Less is more jor!

  3. Dang!!!Spilled my coffee now!!!

  4. LMAO T.Notes!!! HAHAH!!

    Em, i think this one you'll be forgiven if you judge small. Jesu!!!


  5. chaiii!!! all these Ghanaian babes and their attitude when it comes to decent dressing...i am just not going to say much coz i know the kinda drama that is bound to happen with this kind in the house.

  6. mtweeeeeeeeeew,all dis f********k

  7. My dear you look hot don't mind them they are just jealous of what God give to you show it babe you have my vote


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