Monday, 8 October 2012

Rukky Sanda - I Love My Bleaching Cream. We Are Best Buddies

This seriously makes me wonder why some people are totally obsessed with lightening their skin. If your naturally light you will stay that way without creams so why use these creams which have been known to cause serious damage to skin, plus skin cancer and complications.

Here is an interview with Nollywood actress Rukky Sanda. She talked about her best buddy and she skin bleaching theory.
"I’m light o, and I’m going to do everything I have to maintain my complexion. If they like they should call it bleaching or washing, whatever they want to call it. Me and my cream, we are best buddies. Whatever they want to say, they should continue. Me I am making money. When nobody is talking about you, then you are not doing something right."
What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. She looks awwwwfuuuul.OMG!wat bleaching cream cn do 2 ppl...

  2. She looks funny.I can't believe d statament she made


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